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 Unafraid  & Unabashed 

A group of 4 global thought leaders cover this podcast weekly. We live an age of miss communication, and it is important to hear the truth around energy. Stay tuned, buckle up, and enjoy some great conversations. This is a unique blend from around the world talking facts, data, geopolitical and just down right fun topics. 

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Brazil, Dallas, London, Bulgaria

Irina Slav, Energy Writer, Author, Industry Thought Leader. Bulgaria, @SlavEnergy

David Blackmon - Forbes Contributing Author, Podcast Host: The Energy Question, Energy Transition and 3 Podcasters Walk Into A Bar. Dallas, Texas @EnergyAbsurdity

Armando Cavanha, Global Industry Thought Leader, Host, Brazil. @ArmandoCavanha

Dr. Tammy Nemeth is a strategic energy analyst based in the UK.

ENERGY TRANSITION EPISODE 89 -Filmed Live On YouTube on December 4, 2023
ENERGY TRANSITION EPISODE 88 -Filmed Live On YouTube on November 13, 2023
ENERGY TRANSITION EPISODE 87 -Filmed Live On YouTube on November 6, 2023
ENERGY TRANSITION EPISODE 86 -Filmed Live On YouTube on October 30, 2023
ENERGY TRANSITION EPISODE 85 -Filmed Live On YouTube on October 16, 2023
ENERGY TRANSITION EPISODE 84 -Filmed Live On YouTube on October 9, 2023

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