December 11

ENERGY TRANSITION EPISODE 90 -Filmed Live On YouTube on December 11, 2023

ENERGY TRANSITION #90-Venezuela wants Guyana’s oil

Highlights of the podcast:

01:02 -Guyana is standing on its own
02:08 -Hess and Chevron
02:50 – Guyana’s 11 billion barrels in reserves
05:41 – Inflation rate in Venezuela
08:37 – Financial assistance from China
11:51 – CapEx investment into new wells
13:43 – The Monroe Doctrine that’s been in effect in the United States for 200 years
17:55 -The Permian and our other basins
22:15 – BRICs and OPEC Plus are going to play into the Brazilian oil markets
29:36 – Offshore Guyana is a major focal point of the capital budgets

The Podcast Hosts for The Energy Transition

Armando Cavanha
Energy Thought Leader, Podcast Host, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
Irina Slav
International Author writing about energy, mining, and geopolitical issues. Bulgaria
David Blackmon
Principal at DB Energy Advisors, energy author, and podcast host.Principal at DB Energy Advisors, energy author, and podcast host.
Tammy Nemeth
Energy Consulting Specialist
Syed Muhammad Osama Rizvi
Energy Analyst | Economic and Geopolitical Analyst | ExFounder U&I Global | Consultant, Advisor | Commonwealth Scholar
Stuart Turley
President, and CEO, Sandstone Group, Podcast Host

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