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Wildcatting in the Oil Industry vs. Shielding Wealth Out-of-the-Box Tax Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs



In the world of oil exploration, wildcatters are known for their daring and ambitious spirit as they search for untapped oil reserves. Similarly, young entrepreneurs who’ve recently sold their businesses often face a different kind of challenge: minimizing their tax liabilities while preserving their hard-earned wealth. Just as wildcatters require expertise in drilling, wealthy individuals need elite tax warriors to help them navigate the complex world of taxation. In this blog, we’ll explore some sophisticated, out-of-the-box, and even outrageous tax strategies employed by the experts at Sky Tower Counsel, the prime go-to source for strategic tax planning, wealth maintenance, and professional advice Our goal is to keep the rich richer without losing their fortunes to a money-lusting government sponge.

The FPC and Sky Tower Counsel Partnership:

The FPC is a stalwart in the field of think tanks, with a goal to ensure that America and the world retain an economic and regulatory system conducive to economic growth and wealth creation that is not derailed by poorly formulated and reactive economic, fiscal, and tax policy. Recognizing the need for expert guidance in navigating the complexities of the tax code, the FPC chose Sky Tower Counsel to write Legacy Matters a special section on the FPC website dealing with tax reduction subjects that warms the hearts of every freedom loving American. This partnership aims to help Americans retain their wealth using the same tax code designed to take it away, further solidifying Sky Tower Counsel’s reputation as a trusted resource.

The Complex Federal Tax System:

The current federal tax system involves over 2,600 pages and is complex, incomprehensible, and unfair. While higher-income taxpayers pay a larger share of their income in taxes, the objective of taxpayers is to find multitudinous loopholes and methods to legally avoid paying taxes. That’s where companies like Sky Tower Counsel come in, ensuring that taxes are minimized or eliminated and assets can be generationally passed on with limited loss of wealth.

Out-of-the-Box Tax Strategies:

At Sky Tower Counsel, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with innovative and effective tax-saving strategies, ensuring they remain in good standing with the IRS while keeping more of their hard-earned wealth. Our team has successfully employed a number of tactics for our bold and gutsy clients to minimize their taxes.

One of our mid 7-figure millennial clients benefited greatly from establishing a Family Limited Partnership (FLP). This powerful tax-saving strategy allowed them to transfer business assets into the FLP, reducing their overall tax liability and retaining control over the assets. This not only helped minimize estate and gift taxes but also provided an orderly transition of wealth and control to their loved ones.

Offshore Tax Havens, though controversial and scrutinized, can offer significant tax savings for those who carefully structure their investments. Moving assets to countries with more favorable tax laws

potentially minimizes exposure to U.S. taxes. The key lies in proper structuring and compliance with international tax regulations, ensuring that tax savings are legally maximized while avoiding potential penalties.

A mega-rich female industry giant, one of Sky Tower’s clients, utilized a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) to her advantage. By placing assets in a CRT, she received an immediate income tax deduction and the assets grew tax-free within the trust. Upon the trust’s termination, the remaining assets were distributed to a designated charity. This strategy not only helped reduce her income and estate taxes but also allowed her to support a charitable cause she was passionate about.

One of our down-to-earth, strike-it-rich oil wildcatter clients, who owns hundreds of thousands of acres of land, invested in Conservation Easements at our suggestion. This attractive tax-saving strategy allowed the landowner to preserve their land for conservation purposes, receive a charitable deduction, and limit the land’s development potential. This out-of-the-box approach enabled the landowner to contribute to the preservation of natural habitats while simultaneously reducing their tax burden.

This column is the FPC commitment to helping its readers ponder devising unique and sophisticated tax strategies to help them to retain their wealth and navigate the complex world of tax laws with confidence.

The Need for an Elite Tax Warrior:

Formulating sophisticated tax strategies requires the expertise of seasoned professionals that are well-versed in the intricacies of taxation and are equipped to help clients jump through tax loopholes, potentially saving billions of dollars often lost by lesser-quality firms. Our firm is praised by clients, many of whom are millennials who value saving over unnecessarily forking over money to tax sponges and we are here to help FPC members answer questions that they may have about how they can keep their hard earned money without having it taxed away to be used in unacceptable nefarious ways by our government.


In conclusion, we at Sky Tower Counsel would like to express our admiration and gratitude to the FPC for their unwavering commitment to America’s economic prosperity and for their efforts to ensure that our nation’s regulatory system fosters growth and wealth creation. The FPC’s dedication to providing individuals and businesses with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate the intricacies of the tax system is truly commendable.

By collaborating with expert tax professionals like those at Sky Tower Counsel, the FPC equips taxpayers with the information and strategies necessary to retain more of their hard-earned money. This partnership not only empowers taxpayers to make informed decisions but also strengthens America’s economic foundation by promoting sound fiscal practices and enabling wealth preservation.

We are honored to contribute our expertise to the FPC’s mission and applaud their continued efforts to champion a fair and equitable tax system for all Americans. Together, we can ensure that our nation’s economic future remains bright, bolstered by well-informed taxpayers and the innovative strategies that help them thrive.


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