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Nordsol: Dutch bio-LNG plant nears launch



Dutch tech firm Nordsol and its partners are nearing completion of the bio-LNG plant in Wilp.

Nordsol said in a social media update on Tuesday the the plant will “soon” produce bio-LNG for the maritime sector.

“With the arrival of the biogas upgrading unit, the cryogenic installation for the liquefaction to bio-LNG, and the installation for the liquefaction of biogenic CO2, work on site is now in full swing,” the firm said.

“All components will be integrated into one, energy-efficient, continuously working system that utilizes all residual streams to optimize yield,” Nordsol said.

In May last year, Nordsol announced the launch of groundwork at the Wilp site for the FirstBio2Shipping project supported by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

Nordsol, Attero, and Titan took a final investment decision to build the LNG plant in November 2022.

The FirstBio2Shipping project, which received 4.3 million euros ($4.7 million) from the EU, was previously expected to start delivering bio-LNG in early 2024.

Attero will process domestic biowaste into 6 million Nm3 of biogas per year, while Nordsol and Attero will jointly produce 2,400 tons/year of bio-LNG and 5,000 tons/year liquid bio-CO2 from this biogas using Nordsol’s patented iLNG technology.

Also, Titan, the exclusive long-term off-taker, will supply the bio-LNG to the maritime industry.

This facility will not be the first bio-LNG facility in the Netherlands as Nordsol already operates the bio-LNG plant in Amsterdam Westpoort.

However, it will be the first bio-LNG plant for shipping as the Amsterdam Westpoort facility provides fuel for the transport sector.

Besides these facilities, Titan also signed deals in 2022 for a large bio-LNG plant in the Amsterdam port.

Source: Lngprime.com

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