November 13

ENB # 151 Steve Reese How will we survie the energy crisis? You would be surprised.


Steve Reese is the CEO of Reese Consulting and Reese Training and has significantly impacted the natural gas market for decades. He worked on over 5% of the United States’ natural gas market through his auditing, training classes, and consulting firm.

We need training for the next generation, and his newest projects with exporting LNG to Germany is critical for energy security for both countries.

Please sit back and enjoy listening to my friend and fellow Okie. Steve, thanks for stopping by the podcast. I am looking forward to NAPE!

Also connect with Steve on his LinkedIn HERE:

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00:00 – Intro

01:31 – Steve Reese, CEO of Reese Consulting and Reese Training, shares his 42-year background in the natural gas industry.

04:21 – Reese transitions to online natural gas courses with Energy Rogue, offering affordable pricing and subscriptions, prioritizing youth education, and addressing green energy trends through monthly Q&A sessions.

09:58 – Explores the energy industry’s shift to LNG, challenges in offshore wind projects, the positive role of natural gas, and Texas’ focus on diverse energy sources, highlighting pragmatic hybrid solutions.

15:46 – Launches American Gas Partners, a German-owned fund supporting U.S. shale gas export to Europe, addressing economic challenges from high electricity prices in Germany, emphasizing LNG’s environmental and economic benefits.

21:50 – Highlights American Gas Partners’ unique investment opportunity, a German-owned LNG infrastructure fund with dual benefits of returns and lower gas prices for European end-users, especially in affected sectors like fertilizer production.

24:33 – Discusses LNG ventures, emphasizing economic and environmental advantages of U.S. shale gas in Europe and noting a shift in investment perspectives within the energy industry.

27:32 – Contact information for Steve Reese.

29:06 – Outro


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